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September 21, 2013
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HPA: .:SHSL Costume Designer:. by Forestii HPA: .:SHSL Costume Designer:. by Forestii
forestii more like shsl last minute app filler inner procrastinator who changes her mind way too fucking much holy shit

i had so much fun with her outfit wowee i dont even care if it doesnt look anything like how you'd imagine a costume designer to look

also moe headshot thats shit im gomenasai i really did not even try on the headshot im tired and i already spent 3675434783 hours with the stupid lineart of that outfit so yeah no i'll probably make a better one if i get in ok


Villetta Keifer [Calls herself Kusa; does not reveal her real name]



107 lbs


April 11

American/Russian | America

Extra Features:
She has two horn implants on either side of her forehead, black nail polish, a rose tattoo on her stomach, headphones, a hat, and various small scars on her arms from a razor (the "fangs" are just animu fangy things not actual body modifications like the "horns" souDA HAS SHARK TEETH OK)


SHSL Costume Designer
    Kusa is skilled in the art of, well, costume design. This differs from normal fashion design as she makes the characters themselves essentially--a character's outfit is a reflection of himself you know. Kusa brings characters to life with her various costumes and is skilled with sewing as well so as to be able to make said costumes. Her talent as a whole encompasses the creation of a costume, from the starting concept to the finishing ribbon. Kusa specializes in horror film costumes.

    Kusa comes off as a pouty, grumpy, and cold individual, one who seems disconnected from other people. This is fairly accurate to how she acts. Snarky little Kusa has a dry, sarcastic wit and a morbid sense of humour. She's extremely pessimistic and while she's normally grumpy, she's not outright PO'd as a default and will actually smile and laugh once in a while. Despite this, Kusa still has a nasty temper that tends to erupt even over little things. Kusa can hold some pretty bad grudges, so it's best not to severely piss her off. Her dark humour and occasional cruelness notwithstanding, Kusa can actually be pretty caring. Not really comforting caring, more protective caring. Kusa tries to make it look like she doesn't give a shit about anyone, but in truth she's got nonexistent self confidence and is easily broken. Overall, Kusa's a very emotional person and doesn't handle or control them well, not really knowing how to.

    ♢ Vibrant colours, especially blue, red, and green (and black but that's not vibrant)
    ♢ Bright, flashy things
    ♢ Nature
    ♢ Techno and punk rock
    ♢ Solitude
    ♢ Everything to do with the horror genre
    ♢ Creating costumes
    ♢ Cats
    ♢ Alcohol, especially vodka (I'm aware she's underage--that doesn't mean she doesn't have access to vodka, though)
    ♢ Reading

    ♢ Crowds
    ♢ Being put on the spot
    ♢ The cold
    ♢ Large animals, especially ones larger than her (she's got a serious phobia of them)
    ♢ Surprises
    ♢ Comedies
    ♢ Soda


    Villetta Keifer was born three years before her brother, Hampton Keifer. The two lived happy lives.

    That was a lie.

    Kusa's parents were abusive, with her father being the main problem, and while Kusa's mother didn't do much to contribute to the abuse, she certainly didn't do anything to stop it either. As you'd expect from an abused child, Kusa developed some issues including low self esteem and depression, along with a blatant lack of social skills and an extremely violent and rebellious attitude when outside of the house. Her depression was fairly severe to the point where she started cutting herself for release and almost attempted suicide a few times.

    Her life did, however, eventually take a turn for the better.

    Kusa at one point was forced to do an extracurricular activity, lest she fail, and so she chose what she thought would be the easiest: theatre. The roles were already cast, however they needed more staff in the costume department, and so Kusa was shipped off there. Much to hers (and everyone else's) surprise, Kusa was quite talented with making costumes and Kusa found herself finally enjoying something for the first time in her life. Her costumes were a big hit that play, so of course Kusa participated in more. With each play she made costumes for, the more her depression subsided. During one play in particular, the daughter of a small-time movie producer was the lead in the play, and when her dad came to see her, he was thoroughly impressed with Kusa's costumes and decided to hire her for his next movie. After that, it was a bit of a domino effect until Kusa landed herself a seat working with the bigshots.

Additional Info:
    ♢ Kusa has a green thumb
    ♢ Kusa has a high alcohol tolerance level
    ♢ Kusa still has depression
    ♢ Creating costumes is therapeutic to her
    ♢ Kusa tugs on her hair when she's thinking or nervous
    ♢ Kusa gets cold very easily
    ♢ Don't call her short
    ♢ Kusa is technically American, however both of her parents are Russian immigrants
    ♢ Kusa has a very slight Russian accent
    ♢ She's stopped cutting, however physical pain against herself or others still feels nice as a release to her
    ♢ Kusa doesn't believe in love
    ♢ She blushes easily, or it's just more visible on her
    ♢ Kusa's father was physically abusive while her mother was sometimes emotionally abusive (they were very unfit to raise kids)
    ♢ Kusa either doesn't recognize that she's being abused or doesn't want to recognize it; it's currently unknown which it is
    ♢ Kusa doesn't like having her scars visible
    ♢ Kusa used to have long hair, but she cut it when she started to make costumes. The shorter length gives her some self confidence in a way
    The horns are a legit thing

RP Sample:
    Locks of silver hair spilled out of Kusa's clenched fists. Her scalp hurt from the pressure and her teeth felt like they would break at any second. Her heart was thudding as fast as a marathon runner and Kusa swore even the people in the way back could hear it. Kusa was sure she couldn't possibly be any more nervous, even though she had felt like this plenty of times before at her previous plays, or as she saw it, showcases for her work. It was silly to be so worked up over everyone seeing your creations--silly for everyone except Kusa, that is. She didn't have any particular reason to be extra nervous, she just felt very skittish over the thought of many people staring at her work, judging it. What her costumes were actually really horrible? Starting to feel lightheaded, Kusa sat down in a nearby chair, as customary, and the director, almost as if on cue, brought her over some water and flashed her that sweet smile like he always did. Kusa took no notice of it, though, instead focusing on practically ripping her hair out of her head as the oh-so-familiar words rang in her ears:

    "Ladies and Gentlemen,"

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