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December 7, 2012
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The Daughter of the Becchino by Forestii The Daughter of the Becchino by Forestii
Update! Event 2: Added Vixx the sneasel to the team!

Yes yes I know I gotta finish up the LS request but I reaaaaally wanted to submit this~
Re-using artwork LIKE A BOSS

///oh wow look i have just done the exact opposite of what i wanted to join
///great job forestii >:1 gettin' sucked into an awesome guild like that gawsh

hnnng i love purple its just so freaking awesome to use in art~
:bulletblack:Name: Morgana Belmis
:bulletblack:Age: 16
:bulletblack:Birthday: February 12
:bulletblack:Height: 5'4''
:bulletblack:Personality: Morgana is pretty laid back to a certain extent. She doesn't take things very seriously and is a bit of a procrastinator. What she lacks in education she makes up for in common sense and cunning, as Morgana is very clever and quick-thinking. She's also quite adept at lying and making convincing lies. Morgana is pretty nosy and /loves/ any good gossip. Morgana has a tendency to overestimate her and her pokemons' ability, which often lands her in trouble. She isn't belligerent, but she is not a pacifist either. Morgana is not afraid of death or dying, and despite being pretty easily startled, she is not easily scared. When she's not just completely ignoring it, Morgana has a tendency to overreact to things. Picking a fight with her is the easiest way to upset her, whether or not it is a verbal or physical fight. She's quite competitive and makes a 180 in her normally not-gonna-give-a-shit personality when battling, turning into "srs bsns". She's not very good around people and often goes to her pokemon for advice. She sees her pokemon as her equals and treats them with respect. Currently, Morgana is claiming that she is nobility, and while she is claiming this she will get very obnoxious and demanding and refer to her pokemon as her "servants". Her true personality is unknown, as she seems to be bottling something up or hiding something when she is not seen wearing a fake identity. Morgana gets very embarrassed when her secret love of witchcraft is brought up. Morgana gets crushes very easily and judges boys solely on appearance. However, if the boy is a total dickhead she will immediately lose interest. She isn't very consistant or loyal with anything. If a better opportunity presents itself she will drop the original and immediately go for the better.
:bulletblack:History: Morgana was born the daughter of Josef Belmis, the gravekeeper. From the moment she was born, Morgana lived by her father's office. Her mother was a frail woman who died in childbirth. So Morgana was raised lovingly by her father. As uneventful as her life was, Morgana enjoyed it, especially the close bond she had with her father. She would occasionally help him out, but normally while he was working she would slip into town to go to the Library to read since her father couldn't educate her. Morgana would often read books on witchcraft and gained a love for it. Occasionally she would steal from stores necessities like a pokeball or some food. About a year ago, Morgana's father caught wind of a horrible sickness that struck a nearby village, and since there were so many dead bodies Morgana's father decided to be a Becchino over in that village fior a bit. A few months ago, he came back, but was obviously ill. A couple days after his return, he passed away. Morgana had been residing in her house, stealing to get by, until she was kicked out of her house. Jordun heard of a guild where she could stay and Morgana agreed and headed over there to see if she would be accepted in or not.
:bulletblack:Fun facts:
-Though she doesn't like to talk about her father's death, it doesn't really phase her
-She decided she'd say she was nobility so that others would pamper her
-When asked why nobility would wear such clothes and join the thieves guild, Morgana will give you a different answer each time; normally a sob story
-When embarrassed, Morgana's face gets really really red
-Morgana's favourite colour is black
-She's not terribly picky with what she eats
-It's not too hard to tell if Morgana has a crush or not and who's the target
-She values herself over others, even those she cares about
-Despite respecting her pokemon, she argues with them a lot
-They are all obedient, though
-Morgana's daggers are actually her father's and were used for dead bodies, however when he died Morgana took them and started using them. She's been practicing for a while and is actually pretty good with them.
-Morgana secretly loves singing as well and can be found singing softly to herself as she is doing work


Jordun • Haunter • Male
Shadow Ball
Sucker Punch
Ice Punch

Jordun is a pretty happy 'mon. Despite his sunny disposition, he is a big troublemaker. He is excellent at the blame game. When Jordun gets excited, he gets really loud, and he gets excited easily. Jordun doesn't like his pokeball all that much and is often seen floating around Morgana's shoulder. He loves gossip as much as Morgana and is great at picking it up. Jordun is one to just completely rush into situations without thinking things through. Morgana met Jordun in a graveyard as a ghastly.

Carcinodes "Cino" • Crobat • Male
(kar-KEE-nohds; SEE-noh)
Inner Focus
Cross Poison
Confuse Ray

Cino is the sarcasm king. Almost everything he says is an insult through the use of corrosive sarcasm. He a little tolerance for anything and gets annoyed VERY easily. He does like Morgana, though, even though everything he says hints otherwise. Despite being temperamental, Cino will think things through before making a move. He is quick to pick up on Morgana's many deceptions to others and normally plays along while hinting at the other 'mons to do the same. Cino has zero tolerance for Jordun and most everything that Jordun says or does will set Cino off. Cino was Morgana's first pokemon; she met him as an injured Zubat, and, after she took care of him, the two became the best of friends. Cino is Morgana's only mode of transportation that is not walking.

Aedwin and Alistair • Zweilous • Male
(AYD-win; AL-ih-stayre)
Dragon Rush
Earth Power

Aedwin and Alistair, as you'd expect from most twins, have two different personalities. Aedwin is much more upbeat, outgoing, hasty, and prone to fighting, while Alistair balances out his brother by being calm and level headed (but annoyed easily unlike his brother). Both are very blunt and direct and love causing trouble and making mischief, and both are scared of evolving since only one head can be the dominant head (Aedwin is convinced it's him). You can see the two as the two parts of bi-polar: Mania and Depression, but they are not nearly to that degree. Despite having different personalities, they tend to think the same thing (but react differently) so much to an extent that Aedwin moves the right half of the body and Alistair the left, but walking comes naturally to them as they are in complete agreement when walking or running. Since Jordun would be of no help other than gossip, and Cino is a wall of sarcasm, Morgana often goes to them for advice. They both enjoy it a lot, and Aedwin will often just blurt something out before Alistair can give a rational, accurate answer. Aedwin is blind while Alistair is not, and Alistair acts as his guide and as the overprotective brother when someone makes a joke about blindness. Alistair will do just about anything for the demanding Aedwin. Morgana received Aedwin and Alistair from a strange old man after, pokeball, evolution, and all, after she had caught Jordun. Aedwin and Alistair enjoy their time with Morgana and are the most supportive of her love for black magic.
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