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Pokemon Amie: The Anime: Blazing To Victory! by Forestii Pokemon Amie: The Anime: Blazing To Victory! by Forestii
"He...beat you?!" The girl sitting across from Cyril was stunned, her eyes as wide as her jaw was low. "Pff no way. You're pulling my leg! ....No, you're not. Ahahaa you, joking! That's more ridiculous than some ponyta beating you in a race!"

Cyril just stared at the boisterous girl, feeling no need to respond as he sipped from his hot chocolate. He had simply recounted his tale; it was Lindsey who pushed him to race the ponyta in the first place. After lots of pleading and an excuse that she wasn't the "Mach Pokemon" yet, Cyril had finally conceded. 

..And lost horribly.

Heliolisks naturally have quite a bit of speed, and Lindsey wanted someone to put that cocky ponyta in his place. Cyril wondered why she couldn't have just gotten someone else to race him, but didn't ask. 

"You need to have a rematch!"


"No." Cyril kept his gaze focused on his hot chocolate. It wasn't necessarily that he was opposed to the idea of racing, nor was it that he was a sore loser, it was just Cyril found it a waste of his time. He really didn't want to go back to the ponyta, just to lose again. And for what? Lindsey to keep pushing him until he won? Cyril shuddered internally. He wouldn't want that at all. 

"Nonono listen!!! I've seen you--you're super fast! You shouldn't have lost, especially not like that!"

"Maybe he was just faster than me."

"Listen, Cyril, I got a plan. This time, you're going to win for sure!"


"Oh? Back for another beating?" A sneer came from the cocky face of a horse with blazing blue flames for a mane. He snickered and trotted towards Cyril a little as if to intimidate him, and in a low voice whinnied, "Bring it."

At a familiar starting line, Cyril rehearsed what he went over with Lindsey in his head. It wasn't a complicated plan or anything; he was just uncomfortable with it. It was, well....cheating. Cyril hated cheating. It was just so...wrong. The Heliolisk turned his head to his opponent, who was starting the countdown. 

"3..." Just gotta do it as Lindsey instructed.

"2..." It's fine if it gets Lindsey off your case, right?

"1..." No going back now.


And they were off! Cyril immediately lagged behind like last time, the ponyta grabbing the lead and holding tight. But not tight enough. 


Bam! Cyril shot past the ponyta and before the ponyta could even react, Cyril had already made some serious distance. The arrogant ponyta's face was as in shock as Lindsey's was back at the restaurant when she had heard Cyril's account of losing. No way in hell he'd let some stinkin' Heliolisk beat him! He was the fastest! 

Too late. Cyril had already crossed the finish line. He gave the ponyta a blank stare as the ponyta crossed as well with an obvious time difference. Cyril watched and waited for the ponyta to come to terms with what had happened and stop fuming. While he was still just as frustrated, if not more so, the ponyta did something Cyril didn't expect. He dropped a string with a claw attached. A Quick Claw?

"Hmph! Just take it!" the ponyta snorted as he stomped away to who-knows-where. Cyril simply picked up the trinket and examined it. Lindsey would be interested in seeing this.

+ 10 Berries
+ Quick Claw

this is my fav naruto episode gaiz

for those who dont know lindsey is cyril's coworker who forces him into shit bc he wouldn't otherwise do it since he's a loser

also how do anime screenshot

Katfayebrown Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Jeez, this is so gorgeous! The fire of the ponyta, Cyril himself - I lose the texture you put on him. And, of course, the background is absolutely gorgeous!
Wiree Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Student General Artist
This is beautiful Forestii :heart::heart:
I think its honestly not that bad of a screenshot!
Plus the story really added to the expression of the overall piece~

Aw poor Cyril, maybe one day probably never she'll stop!
Aaaa I really adore this <333
CasBr Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Are you a wizard? *o*
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